Humans of New York – Photos and Blog, by Brandon Stanton

Everyone has hopes and reams, things that make them sad, and unique experiences and ways of seeing the world. This blog, my new favorite, is a great one for talking about stereotypes and identity.


Cultural Appropriation: A Conversation – Photographs and Words by Sanaa Hamid

From Sanaa Hamid: “This body of work is an exploration of the extent of cultural appropriation and encourages a discussion about it. I give the appropriator and the appropriated the opportunity to defend themselves and create a dialogue between them, while maintaining a neutral stance myself. I am not attacking those who appropriate, merely educating and creating awareness. Neutrality is key in this series, as i remove myself from my political and social status and opinions, stripping the problem to the most basic issue; taking an item that means a great deal to somebody and corrupting it.”

“Reflections on Being a Third Culture Kid (TCK)” by Lisa Zenno

This post was written by my former student, Lisa Zenno. She describes her experience living in many countries as she grew up and how this influences her today!

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“Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son” by Linda Robertson

This story of a mother and a son describes the difficult path for conservative Christians with Gay family members and what this mother wishes she had done differently.