War, Food, and…. Manga…?

Manga has an interesting obsession with food, while also providing some fascinating insights into Japanese culture.


Jon Greenberg: Curriculum for White Americans to Educate Themselves on Race and Racism–from Ferguson to Charleston

A great list of resources!


This Image Should NOT be Seen by the Whole World, Angela VandenBroek

How does social media construct the “other” and limit perceptions of agency? Read this example:

“I find the Facebook meme distressing, not because of the Belo Monte Dan Project, but because the author and all of the people who share it have fed into and bolstered (even if unknowingly) a narrative that depicts indigenous people as sad and powerless and awaiting the benevolence of people from industrialized nations. This pulls into focus our own arrogance and biases against indigenous peoples. It does not help the cause or support Chief Raoni. It only makes us feel better about our lazy attempts to “save” people that we look down upon.”