The Challenges of Translating Political Messages!

“Whatever field you work in, translation is never only a matter of words. The act of translating consists in carrying a meaning from one set of readers to another, and to make sure that the readers of your words will feel the same as the readers of the original text.” BÉRENGÈRE VIENNOT reflects on translating Presidents Obama and Trump into French.


NPR: “When Ancestry Search Led To Escaped Slave: ‘All I Could Do Was Weep'”

“When she was in fifth grade, Regina Mason received a school assignment that would change her life: to connect with her country of origin. That night, she went home and asked her mother where they were from.

“She told me about her grandfather who was a former slave,” Mason tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross. “And that blew me away, because I’m thinking, ‘Slavery was like biblical times. It wasn’t just a few generations removed.’ ”

“Dear Justice Scalia: Here’s what I learned as a black student struggling at an elite college” By Afi-Odelia Scruggs

“The mismatch argument is flawed because it assumes under-prepared black students will opt to fail instead of push to succeed. Ultimately, I wonder what proponents are actually trying to protect: a system that includes black students who are like I was, or a status quo that keeps them out?”

Finding a Historical Context for Tolerance Submitted by Jill Silos-Rooney, Southern Poverty Law Center

“The reality for educators is that our students need our help in becoming more tolerant or open-minded. My students in this class saw anti-Semitism within a much larger history of human intolerance and, hopefully, will take that knowledge and perspective into their futures.”

The SPLC does a lot of important work in both legal challenges and education. While the focus on tolerance is sometimes criticized (we need more than just tolerance of other perspectives… respect, for example), this is a great example of how an instructor can link historical topics related to intolerance, racism, and genocide.