What is it Like for an African-American to live in Africa?

Here is one young man’s experience of living in Senegal:


Link: Are We Different People in Different Languages?

Ana Menéndez writes about teaching creative writing in contexts where many of the students are multilingual, and the language of instruction is often not their first language. How is language linked to identity and culture?


Ani DiFranco, White Feminists, and Racism

There have been quite a few good articles about the problem of racism and white centering among White feminists. If you are not familiar with the current conflict, Ani DiFranco has been criticized for planning a songwriting workshop (since cancelled) at a former plantation in Louisiana. In addition to the lack of sensitivity to the issue of slavery, history, and ongoing racism, DiFranco has been criticized for how the situation was handled after the fact. This post is a good one for those of us who are white to read, examining how we can address our own racism, including what to do when we have inadvertently offended someone (with a great comparison with an accidental physical injury).